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Radoslaw Szyszkiewicz


Polish Army

Private 1st Class, 5 Engineering Regiment

10/9/2009, Wardak, Afghanistan

“A soldier does not die, a soldier goes away to stand on an eternal sentry”, said Polish Chief of GS General Franciszek Gągor during the funeral ceremony of Corporal Radosław Szyszkiewicz on 15th October in Iwanowice, Wielkopolska province.

Cpl Radoslaw Szyszkiewicz and Cpl Szymon Graczyk both died, 9th October 2009, when their MRAP vehicle ran into an IED road mine while they were travelling in a convoy along Higway 1 in the Wardak province, Afghanistan.

Four other soldiers who were wounded in the incident were airlifted by helicopter to a base in Ghazni province for medical treatment.

The funeral ceremony of Cpl Szymon Graczyk took place the day earlier, on 14th October in his home-town Szczecin. Both soldiers served in 5th Engineering Regiment in Szczecin.


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