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Rafal Celebudzki


Polish Army

Sergeant, Not reported yet

9/16/2014, Kabul, Afghanistan

One Polish soldier was killed in the Afghan capital as a result of a suicide bomber attack, which left two other soldiers injured, Poland’s operating command headquarters reported on Tuesday.

A Taliban suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden car into a NATO convoy in Kabul on Tuesday, triggering a massive blast. The deceased Polish soldier, Sgt. Rafal Celebudzki, 38, was driving one of the vehicles. He had previously served in Iraq. Celebudzki is the 44th Polish soldier killed in Afghanistan.

During a UN Security Council session on 18 September, Bogusław Winid, Poland’s Permanent Representative to the UN, recalled Rafał Celebudzki, a senior warrant officer who was killed in Kabul on 16 September. He remembered the Polish soldier in the context of a debate about Afghanistan, which was held in New York.

“The death of Senior Warrant Officer Rafał Celebudzki is a symbol of the sacrifice of many Polish families who are sending their sons and daughters to carry aid for the construction of a stable and secure Afghanistan,” said Ambassador Winid. He emphasized that, since 2001, Poland has been an active member of the international community supporting the reconstruction of Afghanistan, a country that ranks second on the list of beneficiaries of Poland’s development assistance. The ambassador added that the Polish Provincial Reconstruction Team Ghazni has executed almost 200 infrastructure projects worth over USD 26 million. Poles have helped Afghans build bridges, schools and power plants, among others.

The Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz has in turn trained over a thousand Afghan soldiers and police offers.


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