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Randy Hecox

Harrisonville, Missouri, US

United States Army

SPC, Unknown unit – fought in Desert Storn

Harrisonville, US, 07/23/1999

Oh how I miss my military guy. He was handsome and so caring and tender hearted.

He served his country well in the war and did time in the guards after he got out of the army. He loved Germany. He loved to dance and work on his remote control cars and race car as well. He was learning to play the drums by ear. He was 30 when we lost him he was my youngest son.

Capricorn being born in January like his mom and sis. He was born in Naperville, Illinois and raised on a farm in Missouri and he loved the country life. We will always have a missing part of us gone from our hearts now. I feel his presence around me on some days. He left so many unanswered questions. Why? No closure? We miss you our Randy Pete.


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