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Robert A. Denton





SSG Robert Anthony Denton was born September 30, 1948 in Wichita Falls, Texas. He was drafted into the U.S. Army, he entered via Selective Service. He served during the Vietnam War. He began his tour on April 17, 1970.

Reflections of SSG Denton’s wife, Cynthia(Cindy) Ann Cope-Denton written November 16, 2012 and 28 May 2012 at Wichita Falls

In Loving Memory of My Husband SSGT. Robert Anthony Denton

Robert attended Henrietta High -School where he ran track and played football #52. In 1968 he moved to Wichita Falls,Texas to live with his father George Gilbert Denton. He joined the Wichita Falls High School swim team and graduated May 1968. Robert was My High School Sweetheart at W.F.H.S. We were married January 26,1968. I was two months pregnant with our son when he was drafted.

I lived in Leesville, Louisiana while he attended boot camp and other training. Robert went to Fort Benning, Georgia for 101st Airborne Training. I wanted to join him. I was eight months pregnant. I was not allowed to fly per Airline policies. Our son was born Robert Anthony Denton Jr. (Robbie). Robert insisted we call him ‘Robbie’ Named For A Wonderful friend of ours from W.F.H.S. Robbie Sargent. Once Robert was done with training he returned from Fort Benning and came home to Wichita Falls, Texas.

Robert then had orders for Fort Ord, California. We Went As A Family to California in November 1969 driving our 289 Maroon Mustang He Loved. We enjoyed California and all the Beautiful Sites. I worked part-time, and on My days off Robbie and I would drive to Many Beaches. We both loved Highway 101. We had our last Christmas in 1969 together with our friend Linda Fisher and her family. Robert was only in Vietnam 17 days when he was killed. He went in ahead of his comrades. I have a letter expressing Thanks for his sacrifice from a lady whose brother was saved on that firebase. I moved to Austin in the early 70s to raise our son. There were too many painful memories in Wichita Falls.

His son Robbie now has three children and resides near me. Robert’s grand-children Avery Leiann Denton 19 soon to be 20, Brody Cope Denton 12 and Lilian ‘Landry’ Denton age 10. They are amazing. Brody and Landry Excel in Sports as Robert did. Avery is a Stunning Beautiful Young Lady tender and loving as her Mother Tessa and her Grand-parents. Landry is Beautiful as well with Golden freckles like Handsome Brody. They also inherited Robert and My Sense of Humor. My Brother Tony Loved Him As A His Brother. He often told Me You Only Go Around Once. It Is Best To Make It Count. I Am Trying My Best and Found Peace With Him passing over the years. I was determined to accomplish things and raise our son Proudly For Him. His Son is Robert made over. He has his genetics for sure. His Wonderful Sense of Humor, Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, Trust and Faith. The most important trait is The Love of Family, Friends, Country and Others. He was dearly loved by his Family and friends. Until I see You Again Just Know Me Your Wife and Many Others Will See You Again Someday. R.I.P. Robert My Wonderful Husband. November 16, 2012


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