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Robert Pearson

Grimsby, England, UK

Army, TRP, Queens Royal Lancers Rgt

4/21/2008, Afghanistan, Gereshk district

Trooper Robert “Chesney” Pearson, 22, from Grimsby, joined his local regiment, The Queen’s Royal Lancers, in early 2007 where he became the driver of a Scimitar Reconnaissance vehicle. He was posted to A Squadron where he took part in Pre-Deployment Training in Viking all-terrain vehicles. He deployed to Afghanistan in January 2008 as part of the Armoured Support Company Royal Marines in support of 52 Infantry Brigade.

Major Jez Stemp, Company Commander of Armoured Support Company Royal Marines said: “Trooper Robert Pearson made an immediate impact on his arrival in Afghanistan, quickly demonstrating his abilities as both a highly professional soldier, and a gifted VIKING operator.

Throughout his training and despite his youth and relative inexperience his potential had already been noted. Trooper Pearson leaves behind his father Paul, stepmother Gillian, and sisters Terrie, Alex and Alivia.


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