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Kcey Ruiz


U.S. Air Force



Our cousin Kcey Ruiz was one of 6 US airmen killed on the flight in Afghanistan on Friday morning. Kcey was only 21 years of age and a true delight to everyone she met.

Attached are statements from her family in regards to her passing.

From Kyhia (Kceys mother):

Kcey Elena Ruiz was my baby girl and only sister to Maya Angelique Ruiz and words cannot express the deep loss that we are feeling right now. She was so uniquely special in so many ways. She was an intelligent, beautiful, kind,witty, generous, thoughtful and loving spirit that was a blessing to everyone she brought into her life.

While in high school, she had an opportunity to take healthcare science and had an opportunity to visit the county hospital with her class. She was amazed by what she saw and made the decision to become a nurse.

When she decided to join the military she had her heart on the United States Air Force. Unfortunately, she was told that the medical field was highly desirable and not available. But, she did not care. It was Air Force or nothing. She made her alternate career selections with the hope of cross-training in the medical field in the future. She was assigned security forces, and even though it was not what she wanted she always applied her best effort and excelled at it. She was so proud of her achievements and so were we. We seized every opportunity to brag on her and all the accolades she received from her peers, co-workers, and superiors. My baby was a “Bad-Ass”, pardon my language, but she always had a leadership and competitive quality that was evident even as a child.

Then, when she was to be deployed to Afghanistan, she was so excited to be going over to serve our country. We would communicate often about how she felt so proud and privileged to be entrusted with such an important task. Even though she could not elaborate on her missions, she felt so honored to be in the position that she was given.

Even though I worried about her, she always assured me that she was fine. She was always trying to shield me. Even though I was her mother, Kcey was always trying to shield me from worry. My heart aches for my baby girl. She was not only my protector, she was my hero and I love and miss her so much.

From Michael Ruiz (father):

My child CARED! About everyone and for everyone. She always had a smile and genuine laugh. My memories of Kcey were of her always laughing and joking around. We used to throw the football around in the driveway and she threw it well! There are no words to express how special she was. She is very loved and missed. My heart will never be complete again.


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