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Ryan M Wood


U.S. Army


BAGHDAD, IRAQ 06/21/2007

Sergeant Ryan Wood entered the Army in July of 2002 after September 11th, and was stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany with the 1st Infantry Division. He served 2 tours in Iraq, his first tour in the Sunni Triangle region in 2004/2005. His second tour was to end on October 12, 2007 and he was scheduled to return home by December 1, 2007 after five years of continuous service to his country that he loved so much. Sgt. Ryan Mitchell Wood age 22, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was killed while serving his country in Baghdad, Iraq alongside four of his Brothers-In-Arms on June 21, 2007 in Adhamiyah, Iraq.

Ryan was an accomplished artist. . He began drawing at the age of two and never stopped. He expressed his feelings and experiences through his art which often portrayed the sadness, strife and violence he saw in the world around him. He had received his acceptance letter to the University of Central Oklahoma one week before his death. This was to be “the second chapter” of his life, and he planned to double major in art and political science. The Sgt. Ryan Wood Freedom Art Endowed Scholarship has been established to award scholarships to an art or art education student at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma. The scholarship was established Ryan’s in honor and memory.

He attended High School at Putnam City North and graduated on June 9, 2002. Ryan loved alternative rock, playing the guitar and spending time with friends and family. He was respected and revered by everyone he met. A born leader, a warrior, a patriot, a soldier, He had a wonderful sense of humor and a zest for life. He was devoted to his family, friends, and the men that he served with. He was a kind and gentle soul with a big heart. He believed in democracy and freedom.

Ryan was an “old soul” …living his short life with passion and purpose. He traveled the world, skied the Alps, took Spain by storm. He repelled down mountains and jumped from helicopters. He fought personal and worldly demons and won. He never gave up. He was a warrior, both on and off the battlefield.

Ryan was smart, deliciously, wickedly funny, creative, strong yet gentle, determined, loyal, and gifted. He loved children, newborn babies, Grannie Annie’s cooking, cruising in his car, music, art, history, reading, politics, The O”Reilly Factor, movies, kicking back with a Corona talking philosophy with anyone inclined to “go there”, and he could kick your butt at the board game “Risk.” He sucked at bowling and thought “SpongeBob Squarepants” was stupidly brilliant. His favorite Bible scripture was Psalms 27.

Ryan is in his quote: “When the rage ignites the fire in your eyes, and you are willing to die to make a difference, only then can you consider yourself a radical.” Ryan Wood


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