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Sean E Brazas

Greensboro, NC, US

U.S. Navy


05/30/2012, PANJWA’I, Afghanistan

When Sean was asked by his father, Ed Brazas, why he wanted to join the military, Sean explained simply that he wanted his father, mother and sister to be safe.

The Military War Dog community throughout the world was saddened and shocked upon learning of MA2 Brazas’s death. MA2 Sean Edward Brazas was killed in Afghanistan conducting combat operations trying to help a fellow serviceman. Sicario, his MWD, his partner, survived. Sean was part of a distinct unit whose individuals devote themselves to their canine partners and whatever special functions were required of these teams.

Just before the pair deployed, Sean and Sicario went through the Inter -Service Advance Skills K9 course. At the end of the course MA2 Brazas and Sicario received high honors, winning the Top Dog Award. One of Sean and Sicario’s instructors, MA1 Jennifer Trambulo, explained that “Brazas made such an impact on all of us instructors. He was so appreciative of all the people that helped him get K-9. He gave the ultimate sacrifice. He will never be forgotten.”

And a mentor, MA1 Shannon Golden, added that Sean was a remarkably hard-working handler who “always had a smile on his face.”

MA1 Golden added: “The first time I met Sean was when he came over to find out how he could become a dog handler. He wanted to work with dogs so badly that he dedicated his off time to come over to the security department and work at the kennels.”

MA1 Golden explained that even in his death, she feels Sean’s character shines through. That he was killed while assisting someone else, is to her just “typical Sean.”

“He cared about everyone. He put his life on the line. I think even if he knew by helping that soldier things would turn out the way they did, he would still help the guy.”

Ben Gleason, a high school friend, described Sean as a person who had the unique ability to lift the spirits of those around him.

An entry on MA2 Brazas’s Facebook page reads: “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” It’s a quote by Will Rogers and clearly describes the incredible bond Sean felt for the MWD community and his own Sicario.


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