Sergio H Escobar


“Sergio Escobar, una persona especial que perdio su vida haciendo algo que el quizo hacer. Espero que todos recuerden a Sergio como una persona dedicada, y fuerte. La vida de Sergio ahora esta en la historia. Su vida termino, Algo muy fuerte de entender para aquellos que lo queriamos. Las personas que real mente lo llebamos en nuestro corazon, espero que lo siguan bisitando y resando por el. La cosa mas triste de morir es que todos se olvidan de ti. Si realmente fuiste un amigo de Sergio, bisitalo, y pidele a Dios que lo tenga en su Gloria. Sergio fue y sera una luz en este mundo tan oscuro. Dichoso aquel que tiene la valentia y fortaleza de enfrentarce a la muerte, por que la mayoria de nosotros no nos podemos ni enfrentar a nuestra propia vida. Sergio te quiero mucho y nunca te olvidaremos, estas en nuestro corazon, y gracias a ti tome la decision de cambiar mi vida, tu me ensenastes a luchar por lo que uno quiere y no por lo que otros quieren para ti. R.I.P. Sergio Escobar, tu Tio y Amigo.” Juan M. Ortiz of Guadalajara, Mexico

“Mr. and Mrs. Escobar My name is Jordan Rogers and I am one of the Marines who was in the Humvee with Escobar when it was hit. I was Escobar’s Team Leader and was directly in charge of him. He was a very brave Marine and would never give up under any circumstances. I don’t know if it’s any condolence, but Sergio was taken quickly and I believe without pain. I think that he would want you to know that he was never scared and I would like you to know that he performed his job better than any Marine in my Fire Team. My thoughts and prayers are with you.” Jordan Rogers of Ar Ramadi, Iraq

“I was in his fire team and was wounded in action that day as well. Escobar was the first guy to show me around base in 29 Palms when I had checked in and we ended up being roommates. He was like a brother to me, and I will never forget serving with such a good man as him.” Ben Summers of 29 Palms, California

“My Inspiration, although younger, to join the Marines. I remember him mostly from our ROTC days in High School and How even though he wasn’t a high ranking cadet he gave his all. That Motivated me after learning of his death and prompted me to stop procrastinating. I joined. I thank him for seeing me safely through boot and helping me through the rough times. I am honored every 9th of October to visit his Gravesite and Salute this Fallen Hero. Semper Fi “ J. Riley USMC of Altadena, California

“Sergio, you were always a good friend to me, and a role model. i just want you to know, i love you, and you and your family are always in my prayers. i want to thank you for teaching me to always believe in myself. i remember when i was going to quit Rifle team at PHS, and you were always there to encourage me to stay in, and to work my hardest. You’re my brother in my book. i just wanted to tell you that you’re my role model, and i’d be proud if i grow into half the man that you were. Aight, Homie, R.I.P.” C/PO3 Gericke of Pasadena, CA/USA

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