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Seth T. Kirkland



11/29/2013, MORGAN COUNTY, TN

This is my favorite picture of my son, SGT Seth Tyler Kirkland. He had just graduated boot camp from Fort Benning, GA. Seth had this baby face yet when he spoke people would look at him in shock. He had a very deep voice like Barry White so no, the voice did not match the face. Seth was very loyal to his true friends and his family. Seth had taught himself to play the electric guitar. He could not read a bit of sheet music but was a fantastic musician. He wanted to take music in college.

I could not afford to send Seth to college so he decided to go into the military. I so hated the fact he had joined the military. This was my baby boy and we were so close and the military was going to keep my baby from me.

Seth’s first duty station was Fort Riley, Kansas where he went off to Iraq for a year. Seth then re-enlisted where he was then sent to Fort Drum, New York. He was then sent to Afghanistan to serve 9 months. Shortly after being sent to Afghanistan, Seth fell ill. He was sent to Germany where they told him he possibly had cancer. He was then sent to Walter Reed in Bethesda where it was confirmed in March 2013 he had Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Seth fought a hard battle but lost the battle November 29th, 2013, the day after Thanksgiving and 17 days after his 23rd birthday. I miss him so much. I still haven’t accepted the fact that he is gone.

I hope you are able to do a portrait for me. Mrs.Lynda Kirkland


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