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Stanley B Reynolds


Stanley Brian Reynolds, born to Sandra and her late husband, Bernard, on July 18, 1970, was known as Stan growing up with his sister Lu and a brother Jeff, in Rock, West Virginia and later in Statesville, NC, where he finished high school. A loyal patriot, he joined the Army when he was 31 after trying his hand as at trucking and strip mining, and his fellow soldiers were all better for his decision.

A hero, one ready to sacrifice self ahead of companions; this was Stan. From his early days of watching out for young friends on the bus going to school, through doing whatever he could to help the family growing up, to being the generous counselor, companion and champion to his fellow brothers in arms, Stan always thought of others first and that drove his actions. He had unmatched compassion for his fellow soldiers, undoubtedly a trait he learned from his father, a Marine that served proudly in Vietnam. “Stanley made a significant difference in the lives of all who he knew, and through strength of character and deed, he had earned the utmost respect of his leaders and peers.”

But, his love and drive to take care of his own family was second to nothing. He enjoyed being with soldiers and doing the things soldiers do, but he loved his family. His wife, Jill, and his three daughters Katelyn, Kristan and Emily were his life. Their well-being was the reason he chose the Army career, and “He wanted to serve his country the way his father did.” and the ideals he cultivated there will live on through his family.

Stan died in an aircraft crash during his second tour in Iraq. The aircraft he loved to work on, just like the tractors in his youth, the trucks, and other machines he helped to work so hard. He knew the danger and the hardships of being a soldier in Iraq, his wife worried about and prayed for him, but he proudly and courageously served. . He will always be remembered as a great man, a devoted son, a loving dad and a courageous soldier that helped all who he touched.


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