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Stephen Cavanaugh

Atlanta, GA, USA

U.S. Army

SPC, 98th Maintenance Company

12/06/2007, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Stephen Max Cavanaugh, Age 23, rank SPC, joined the United States Army in June 2004, and was deployed to Iraq in March 2006. Cavanaugh was stationed outside of Baghdad, where he staffed a .50-caliber machine gun on a convoy escort, in order to protect his fellow brothers and sisters of his regiment. Stephen was involved in over 300 Military missions, and was known for his ability to express his amazing sense of humor, and know when to get serious in certain situations.

Stephen and his brothers in the Army were the best of friends and were constant companions. Serving they always had each other to depend on, Stephen loved being with his family and friends, having a good time, and enjoying life. Being a soldier in the United States Army has always been a dream for Stephen, and not only did he make his dream come true with persistency and determination, but he also inspired his friends back at home to follow in his footsteps and lead by example. Stephen was always known for his optimistic attitude and being able to put 100 percent effort into everything he did. Stephen will be missed by all those who have had the opportunity to serve beside him, and all those who he has affected in many positive ways.


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