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Stephen C Reich


U.S. Army



Steve was born May 22, 1971 in Ohio, and was raised in Washington, Connecticut by his father Ray and his mother Sue. He had two sisters Megan and Annmarie that rounded out a family that stressed volunteerism, social concern and decency.

Steve was an all-American boy as a star student and athlete, that pitched the Shepaug Valley High baseball team to the state championship. Always respectful and under control, Steve was known as a fierce competitor that always wanted to do the toughest things, and was usually left alone to accomplish them because he had so much talent. Steve set his mind on attending West Point and getting a commission in the U.S. Army, and with his focus and determination, he did just that.

At West Point, Steve was again the star of the baseball team where he still holds records for most wins, and later played on the “Team USA” baseball team where he was proud to carry the flag at the opening ceremonies of the World University Games in 1993. Drafted by the Baltimore Orioles for a professional baseball career, after a short stint, he was recalled to the Army for duty and opted for the most difficult assignments again with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

Steve was qualified to fly 3 different Army helicopters and was serving his fourth tour of duty in Afghanistan when his MH47 Chinook helicopter was struck by a rocket propelled grenade when they were on a mission to rescue an elite U.S. military team in Eastern Afghanistan. He perished with 16 troops from his unit.

Steve was such a natural talent, he had great influence on the teammates and troops that were fortunate to serve and play with him. He is remembered as a wonderful, fun, happy, loyal, dedicated, dear friend.

“He was just one of those guys who could just do anything.”

Steve met the love of his life in Georgia, Jill Blue, and they were married in March 2005.

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