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Steven R Jewell


What do I tell someone about my son! He was my firstborn, and my only son. He had the prettiest blue eyes, long-thick eyelashes (the kind a teenage girl would love to have) and a sneaky smile and was ALL BOY!!

He loved the outdoors and anything that could be done in it. His favorite pastime was deer hunting and target practicing with his 22 rifle, but he also fished and played paintball with the guys he grew up with in the neighborhood. He caught his first 6 lb. fresh water Bass when he was 9 and killed his first deer when he was 14 (and cried after he shot it).

When he was in middle school, he played football and was on the wrestling team. He was 6′ tall and weighed 150 lbs even during high school. He only gained weight once he went in the military. He put on about 45-50 lbs then. When he was in school, he didn’t want others to think he was a “light weight”, so he acted like he was BIG AND BAD! After anyone that did not already know him had been in his company for 1-2 hours they had him sized up!

He was a very good-hearted, very tender-hearted person and would do anything anyone ask of him and if he did not know how to do it, he would be the first one in line to learn how. He was a member of the volunteer fire dept and was on the F.I.T.(first in team). He loved being a fireman and at one time had thought to join the paid fire department in our county but then decided against it. He had a tattoo on the entire right side of his chest from shoulder to stomach of a fireman coming out of a flame and was my favorite of his tattoos.

Steven joined the Army when he was 24 and was an honor graduate in his class. He loved anything that had to do with Chinook helicopters. He was not satisfied with just being a mechanic on one, he changed his MOS to Door Gunner and had set his sights on becoming a pilot. He had said he was going to stay in for 20 years and wanted to stay in Alaska because he loved it up there!!

Steven was not just my first born, my only son, but he is and always will be my guardian angel, my hero. Thank you very much for this wonderful thing that you do. Please let me know if there is anything else that I need to tell you or to do.

Sincerely, Cindy Wisener Mother of SPC Steven R Jewell


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