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Todd W Selge


U.S. Army


BAQUBAH, IRAQ 09/03/2009

Todd Selge was a straight talker. In an essay he wrote for an internal Army newletter, Todd wrote ““What does the average soldier think on a daily basis? He wants to accomplish the mission. He wants to see the smiles of the Iraqi people endure. He is grateful for everything he has back home, and he wishes the very same freedom he is fighting for, upon the country of Iraq.” His comments would have been exactly what those who know him expected from Todd.

Staff Sgt. Todd W. Selge of Burnsville, Minnesota died September 3, 2009 in Baqubah, Iraq, of injuries sustained during a vehicle roll-over. Staff Sergeant Selge was assigned to the 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Fort Lewis, Washington. He unit was supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. Todd was twenty five years old and died just days into his second tour in the country where he had been shot two years earlier.

Todd had planned to move back to Minnesota when he finished his duties as a soldier and had talked about working for the military as a civilian employee. Todd is survived by his wife and children aged six and two.

In March 2007, nine months into his first tour, Staff Sergeant Selge was shipped home with injuries after he was shot twice, in the leg and lower back. Staff Sergeant Selge was awarded the Purple Heart and three months later, he headed back to his comrades.. Todd’s devotion to duty and gung-ho attitude was known to his family, his fellow soldiers and even his high school instructors and staff. His determination and devotion was pretty much unstoppable once he decided upon a direction. Todd made it clear to everyone that he joined the Army to help others achieve freedom. He enlisted in the Army in 2004, two years after high school graduation.

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