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Travis D Pfister


Jessica Pfister said she met fellow Marine Travis D. Pfister at a party in 1999 at Camp Pendleton. I never thought I’d marry a Marine, but he was the most genuine man I’ve ever met, she said.

Pfister, 27, of Richland, Wash., was killed Feb. 7 in a helicopter crash in Anbar province. He was a 1997 high school graduate and was assigned to Camp Pendleton. He was on his third tour in Iraq.

Travis was very passionate about his job, his wife said. He believed in his country and the Marine Corps. He wanted to be there. The love for what he did was understood by all, because he led by example and his heart.

Travis never judged anybody for anything and accepted everybody no matter what, family friend Beth Jacoby said. Nothing bothered him.

Pfister’s nickname was Lunchbox, because he ate anything and everything and a lot of it, his wife said. Pfister, known to friends as a great storyteller and an avid sword collector, enjoyed practical jokes and making funny videos, she remembered. That’s why God took him. They needed a comedian in heaven, she said. Now, I plan to re-enlist to make him proud.

Travis was adopted by the students at Harding Middle School, a program started by the Harding Student leadership team. The program involves corresponding with their selected soldier and sending care packages to the front lines. After Travis gave his life in Iraq, the Middle School students put together a memorial program for Travis.

An excerpt from the program as shared by students Allison and Emily:

“Harding Student Leadership adopted Sergeant Travis Pfister last fall. And it didn’t take long before we knew just how great he was. Every time we emailed him, he was quick to reply. Often times, his responses provided us with detailed information about himself, his life in Iraq, the Iraqis, and his humorous comments to go along with whatever subject he was talking about. Each email from Travis provided fascinating insight to a war that seemed so foreign to us all.

On the outside, he was just like any other person, went to school and had siblings. Deep down inside though, this “normal” person is much more than that. Travis Pfister is an inspiring, courageous, caring man that’s made each individual here stronger in one way or another.

He stated, “I love what I do. and the major part of being a Marine is taking care of your fellow Marines. The best part of my job has got to be that we are able to give people a better chance at living.”

I’ve personally never met Travis, but he seems like an easy-going, happy go-lucky man full of personality. He cares so much for everybody. For if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have fought for the freedom of the United States. We don’t realize how much courage, bravery, and strength is needed to posses in such a life threatening job. He was a crew chief on helicopters, essentially a flight mechanic. He said, “I fix them, fly them, and shoot guns out of them.”

Whether he was in the air or on the ground, he was still Travis Pfister, son, husband, brother, and Harding Middle School adopted Soldier. “


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