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Music Video Featuring Michael’s Portraits

The music video created through a partnership with Keith Crews and the Revelation Media Company has been completed.  There are two versions of the video.  One features more of a storyline and uses approximately 80 portraits of Fallen Heroes drawn by Michael.  The other version features 214 of Michaels portraits and is set to music.  Thank you to Mr. Mike Wilkinson of the United Kingdom for producing this version of the video.

All portraits used are done so with the approval of each Gold Star family.

In the story version of the video, the music is sung by Donnie Denny and Autumn Letendre.  Donnie has sung live on the Oprah Winfrey show.  Autumn is the Gold Star widow of Marine Captain Brian Letendre.  The song was written and composed by Keith Crews.

The web site featuring both versions of the music video will be available shortly and information on the site address will appear here when it is available.


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