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Vernie A Zurn

Callaway, Minnesota, USA

U.S. Army

Corporal, Co E., 2nd Bn, 65th Infantry Regt, 3rd Infantry Div

6/14/1953, South Korea

A corporal in the United States Army, Vernie A. Zurn served his country by what can only be described as nobly. He was a Minnesota native born almost a century ago on November 20, 1933. He lived to be twenty years old. His sister, Donna, describes him as a caring man who loved his country so much that he felt the need to do more than just love it, but risk his own life to protect it. He was a selfless man, and his short life accomplished much more than most men can in a lifetime.

Vernie was stationed in North Korea, along with thousands of other men, dutifully fighting for their country. He was a member of Company E., 2nd Battalion, 65th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division. Zurn was considered an important member amongst his fellow army men, and many saw him as a true friend.

Vernie Zurn was barely an adult when he was given some of the most prestigious awards known in the army. He received a Purple Heart, a Korean Service Medal, and a United Nations Service Medal, all only after serving in the military for a few years.

His astounding accomplishments help us remember Vernie Zurn as the impressive man he once was. He was a man of both valor and courage that very few can compare to. His dedication to not only his country but his fellow military men is one that should never be forgotten, and serve as a model for what is expected from men and women who serve today.


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