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Waldemar Sujdak


Polish Army

Senior Corporal, 2 Mazowiecka Brygada Saperów, 2nd Mazovians Engineering Brigade

8/20/2008, Ghazni, Afghanistan

Born on 27 February 1980. Military service began in February 2000. Waldemar attended Service Basic Training, the Centre Military Engineering and Officers School. In May of the same year he was appointed commander of the team in JW2265, and in October 2001 – Position sapper in the 21 battalion command in Rzeszow. From January 2008, he served as a squad leader in a 2 Mazowieckiej Brigade Sapper in Kazuń. In May of 2008. Senior Corporal Waldemar Sujdak began performing missions in the framework of the third shift of Polish Military Contingent Afghanistan.

Based on the decision of the Minister of National Defence, Senior Corporal Waldemar Sujdak he was posthumously promoted to the rank of sergeant and awarded by the President of the Republic Knight’s Cross of the Order of Military Cross.


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