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William Johnson

Owings Mills, Maryland, US


Owings Mills, US, 04/05/2010

William Robert Johnson was born to a chinese mother and a black father (which made his skin color more of a latino or samoan ). He has 2 brothers one older and one younger. He always said he was born in the wrong era because his favorite singers were Ella Fitzgerald, Louie Prima, and Louis Armstrong.

He also was full of useless facts…you would really want him to play on your trivia team. He did 2 tours in Iraq. The first was the first invasion and then the second was in 2005. He was so full of life….he was the peace keeper of everyone. He did not like conflict and would sit down anyone that was fighting and work things out. He was my bestfriend, my soulmate, my lover, my rock, my everything. We knew each other for 30 years, we grew up together, our parents houses were back to back to each other. We were only dating for a year and a half before he was taken from me. He was going to propose to me after my next surgery. Since he never got to his mother did it for him and put the rings on my finger that he had at her house for me. I feel that as a HUGE honor.


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