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Zoe Raine Galasso



10/24/2014 MARYSVILLE, WA

Zoe Raine Galasso was the daughter of Michael and Michelle Galasso and the sister of Rayden Zane Galasso. She was born February 22, 2000, Zoe was 14 years old. She is remembered by her family as someone who loved and is loved. She loved her family, loved her large group of friends. Loved animals. She enjoyed road trips and live music. She played every sport. She especially loved soccer. Zoe spread her happiness and delight in new experiences everywhere.

“Zoe was a vibrant 14-year-old, beautiful, always laughing and sweet,” Carrie Edmond commented.

“In order for me to heal from this, I have to forgive because I cannot waste my life hating or being angry. I just can’t. I’ll never know why he did it and he took away one of the best things that I ever brought into this world, but he’s a child too,” Michelle Galasso explained.

“We can’t live in fear, as much as we feel we need to. We can’t put a metal suit on our kid every day, as much as you want to. Live your life without regret. Tell your children you love them, and take every moment and cherish every moment,” Mrs. Galasso reminds us. She believes that forgiveness will help her heal.

Michelle Galasso keeps and reads a text she looks to for inspiration. It’s from Zoe a few months before October. “It says, ‘Happy Birthday to my mom, my other half, my best friend. I look up to you. You are the strongest person I know and I wouldn’t be who I am without you.'”


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