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Welcome to the Fallen Heroes Portrait Project poster page.  Here you will find poster compilations of the individual fallen hero portraits as well as a project storyboard poster.  The storyboard poster provides information about the origin of the project and its purpose.

Currently, there are 16 compilation posters.  Each is available for download in a high-resolution file that can be used for reprints.  To download, simply click on the poster you would like.

The posters are a compilation of the digital images of the individual fallen hero portraits completed by Michael Reagan for the Gold Star families.  The portraits contain Fallen Heroes from the United States up to poster number six;  posters seven and upward include Fallen Heroes from the United Kingdom and Canada.

We include the poster number in which each Fallen Hero appears on their individual memorial page.  To access each Fallen Hero’s memorial page, click on their name under the portrait in the “Gallery” section or search for their name using the website “Find a Fallen Hero” function.

Similar to the impact of listing each individual name on the Vietnam Memorial, these posters show the human cost of war on a large scale.  Each beautifully drawn image of these wonderful men and women is a loss that is immeasurable, especially for each family. When viewed together, the posters represent a loss that is incalculable for each country represented.

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