Adriana N Salem

Adriana N Salem

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U.S. Army
TIKRIT, IRAQ 03/04/2005

Specialist Adriana Salem was twenty-one years old when she died on March 4th, 2005 after the military vehicle in which she was riding rolled over.  She had only been in Iraq twenty days.  Adriana was an amazingly, strong and brave person. Those who knew her knew that she was always ready to deal with what life set before her.  Adriana was assigned to the 3rd Forward Support Battalion, Division Support Command, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Ga. Those who served with her remember and recognize her for the hardworking and outstanding soldier she was.  Adriana touched many lives in many ways leaving many memories which are now triggered by those wearing metal bracelets inscribed with her name.  Those who served with her recognized her unique strength, one, so much so that a baby daughter was named after Adriana in order that Adriana’s namesake would remember the dedication of this Army Soldier.

She was quick witted with a gift for sarcasm and love. She had a gift for making people laugh at “stupid things”. She enjoyed supporting others and some called her “Addi” for short. Adriana provided that support from a distance as her concern for a fellow soldier sent her to work in the US Embassy in Afghanistan.  This soldier felt comfort due to Adriana’s concern even though Adriana was in Uzbekistan.  Adriana was loved by the family of this soldier because of her support for their mother who was supported by Adriana with emails and calls to check on her friend’s safety status. These gifts of caring, and concern show both the professional and the inside person sides of this brave young soldier. 

She had plans to attend college and later become a police officer.  Born in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Adriana was daughter of Sandra and “Sam” Salem, and sister to Christina, Sabrina, Alexandria and Larissa and two proud sets of grandparents.

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