Benjamin D Williams

Benjamin D Williams

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U.S. Marines
AL KARMAH, IRAQ 06/20/2006

Before Benjamin DeWayne Williams left on his third and last deployment in November, his sister, Jennifer Alderman, asked him what she would do if he didn’t come home again. His reply was to just remember that he was doing it all for her so she could be free.

Williams, 30, of Orange, was one of three Marines who was killed June 20 while conducting combat operations against enemy forces in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. Also killed was Lance Corporal Brandon J. Webb, 20, of Swartz, Mich., and Private First Class Christopher N. White, 23, of Southport, N.C.

“He loved his country and believed in it,” Alderman said. “He was a soldier to the bone.”

Williams had made it very clear to his family that being a soldier was what he was born to do.

“He was very good at what he did and loved being a Marine,” Alderman said. “He gave everything he had and more.

“He may have been big, bad, tough Marine, but at home he was a big old teddy bear,” Alderman said.

Joan Williams, who married Benjamin Williams’ father, David Williams, in 1987, said she credits her stepson’s manners to his upbringing by his mother, Linda Breaux.

“He was a strong and genuinely caring man,” Joan Williams said.

Ben William’s paternal grandmother, Carsand Williams, fondly called him “Bubba.”

“We always thought Bubba would survive,” she said. “He called just last week and said he was coming home soon.”

Ben Williams was supposed to be coming home on leave Aug. 15 and had plans to surprise his mother by flying her from her Indiana home to meet him in San Diego, Calif., for the long drive back so they could spend time together.

He kept in contact with his family by phone and emails.  While Ben Williams was on his way home for last leave he called his stepsister, Davina Santerre, and told her how happy he was to be looking at land while on a ship.

“He told me he was looking at the good old U. S. of A.,” Santerre said. “When talking to him I didn’t feel like a stepsister because the step didn’t really matter.”

According to Linda Warner, assistant principal/activties director of Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School, while Ben Williams was a student he was on the football team and during his sophomore year his relay-team set a record. He was also an above-average student.

“He was an all-American guy and the type of guy you didn’t hear much about. But, he was there when he was needed,” Warner said.

“He died doing what he loved to do and that was being a soldier,” Carsand Williams said 

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3 Responses to “Benjamin D Williams”
  1. Peggy Claybar says:

    I did not know him. Wish I had. So proud he is from our home town. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

  2. Joe Bilano, Jr. says:

    I miss you buddy, even after all these years. Best wing man in CAAT Platoon I ever had at 1/1. Still super glad you served my x-wife those divorce papers for me in the parking lot at the PX in Horno. We had the best of times, bruh. I’ll never forget you, friend.

  3. shelly smith says:

    Miss you D

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