David M Hierholzer

David M Hierholzer

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U.S. Army

Army Sergeant David M. Hierholzer was part of the famed and courageous 10th Mountain Division.  He was assigned to its 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 3d Brigade Combat Team.  David died of injuries suffered on July 24, 2006 when his platoon encountered enemy forces and took small arms fire in Pesch, Afghanistan.   His unit was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. 

Sometimes the best way to know someone is through the comments and insights of others. Thanks to the internet it is easy to see David Hierholzer honored in this way.  David had served in the Army for nearly four years.  As part of the elite 10th Mountain Division he saw a lot of Fort Drum, New York.  He loved his family and friends and was loyal beyond words. David had a deep strength and faith in God.  Those who knew him understood that this was the source of his strength.  Friends remembered memories of fun road trips, and David’s brothers during good times at Fort Drum.  He was a wonderful friend and deeply loved.  It is said that those best loved earn nicknames, and this was true of David.  His Battle Buddies tagged him with “Harry” and it stuck.  Loosing an only son makes the Bible easier, but more painful to understand that loss.   Harry was comfortable with himself and would tell you that he was doing what he was intended to do.  And..as Harry would say….”To the journey. Enjoy the journey for life is short.”

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  1. Blue says:

    Hey there buddy, how ya been? Once again Brother, I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to protect you. As you know. I was busy flying medic for Lifeflight. But I did join 17 hours after your passing as a Ranger Sniper, and I took out 68 of them Sons of Bitches, before they took me down. It was worth it though Brother. I promise I’ll see ya up there one day soon, but it’s not going too soon. I’ve got kids here that one day hopefully I’ll get to see their babies. My only son’s middle name is Harry. They know all about you, and can’t wait to meet you one day. Until then, keep the footballs wiped clean, and I’ll keep the yard markers true at Hopkins Field on homegames Fridy nights.

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