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Andre Booker

Huntsville, Alabama, USA

U.S. Marine Corps/U.S. Army

Staff Sergeant, 2nd Engineer Battalion, WSMR, NM

8/19/2011, New Mexico, USA

To whom it may concern,

Thank you for your contribution to helping memorialize my fallen soldier’s memory. My husband, Staff Sergeant Andre Booker, was born on 1 August 1981 and sadly departed this world on 19 August 2011. He was a son, a brother, a father (to 4 wonderful children), and a loving husband.

He was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama where he developed a love for running and won several medals and awards for his high school’s track team J.O. Johnson. After he graduated from high school he joined the United States Marine Corps where he developed and strengthened his love for his country. We met at his second duty station in Beaufort, South Carolina.

We were both divorcees and had two children from our previous relationships. He was the father of a now 13 year old girl, and an 8 year old son; he is the stepfather to my 8 and 9 year old sons. We were happily married and wed on 22 October 2005, but this past year we renewed our vows early during this past summer in July. I am very grateful now more than back then for having renewed our vows earlier than anticipated.

He loved creating masterpieces through wood burning techniques, a craft that he found a love for and was very good at. Andre switched branches from the Marine Corps to the United States Army in 2007, where he was able to travel to Korea and see other parts of the US. His fellow soldiers remember him as a great NCO and a very passionate sports enthusiast.

I remember him most and best as a great husband, wonderful father, my best friend, and my inspiration. He is gone physically, but he spirit still lives on with me, in me, and through me.


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