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Brandon K Stagner

Kaneohe, Hawaii, US

U.S. Air Force

SSGT, 354th Security Forces

11/7/2008, Eielson AFB, Alaska, USA

Hi, my little babies:

I got your letter a couple months ago, but Uncle’s been busy. So sorry I took so long. Every day, I remember changing your diapers, and carrying you when you cried. And yes my baby girl, Mariyah, and my big boy, Esaias, Uncle Koa misses you so very much. You two are very special to me. All that is left to me now is to do the work the Lord has called me to do: prepare our kingdom in Heaven.

I leave you these thoughts:

Think of me as someone who was kind. Think of me as someone who was honest. Think of me as someone who cared. Think of me as someone who loved. Think of me as someone who laughed. Think of me as someone who sang. Think of me as someone who worked. Think of me as someone who helped Think of me as someone who served.

Remember to:

Not grieve for the loss of a person who has gone on to greater things; death doesn’t come as a punishment to those who have dealt fairly with their neighbor. Use your talents and abilities to build up, rather than to break down. Help others whom I would have helped, if I were still there. Treat every minute of every day as an opportunity to grow through working, studying and sharing.

But especially remind everyone to:

Think of me at the next barbecue. Think of me in the laughter of people having good fun. Think of me when karaoke starts. Think of me when you need a babysitter, a battle buddy, or just a shoulder to cry on.

I am no longer suffering, and I am in top shape again. The knee is working just fine. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I’ve got to “hele on.” I’ve got other perimeters to check, and other guard mounts to make. I always got your back!

And always remember most of all – Uncle Koa loves you!


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