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Christian Bauer

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

U.S. Marine Corps

Lance Corporal, I Marine Expeditionary Force

6/15/2011, Camp Pendleton, USA

Christian was born July 17, 1991 to Robert and Jennifer Bauer in Honolulu, Hawaii. Christian has a big brother Jordan and two years later was joined by his little brother Nicholas on September 13, 1993. Christian lived a lifetime in his nineteen years here with us. From the day he was born, Christian’s interest in what life had to offer was apparent to all; he was on a mission to live life to the fullest with no regrets. “No” was not an option for him and the determination that drove him to succeed is apparent to all by his accomplishments in his lifetime.

Christian passed Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at Camp Pendleton serving his country in the USMC. He obtained the rank of Lance Corporal. Many may define his life recently as a Marine, which was a job he chose to do. Christian’s life was much more than that.

His greatest accomplishment is a loving son to his parents, a great brother to Jordan and Nicholas, loving family member and a great friend to all. His passion for life was to live to the fullest with no regrets and to experience whatever he could.

Christian excelled at sports, in particular wrestling. A highlight for Christian was placing third in his weight class at Maryland State Regional’s. He loved to fish which was apparent at an early age as he would go to the stream by his house to catch crawfish to feed to his dad’s Oscar. Christian was not afraid to work. He held many jobs in his teen years which included working with a pyrotechnic company building firework displays. Christian loved to play video games with his dad, brothers, and friends; the happiest times in his life was when all his family was together enjoying each other’s company. Christian never had a problem helping out family, friends or a fellow Marine.

This is just a brief window into Christian’s life, who he is and the lives he touched during his brief time with us, and there is so much more. Christian will be missed by all and in our hearts forever.

Christian is survived by his parents Jennifer and Robert Bauer, brothers Jordan and Nicholas, Grandma Mary and Grandpa Chet; Grandma Fran and Grandpa Bob, Grandma Judi, Uncle Scott Thompson, Aunt Leslie Sarale, Aunt Angie Fujiyama, Aunt April Jensen, Uncle Jeremy Thompson, Uncle Joe Jaworski, Uncle Jason Bauer, Aunt Claire Bauer, cousins Cristofer Sarale, Matthew Sarale, Alessia Sarale, Natasha Gimes, Allyson Fujiyama, Jessica Fujiyama, Cameron Bauer, and many dear friends


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