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Daniel Hubman

Tonawanda, VA, US

U.S. Navy

SO2, Navy Seal, Team 8

10/12/2012, Virginia Beach, US

Eric and Michael,

My brother, Daniel Jacob Hubman was born in November 1983. He was named after my dad Daniel and my grandfather Jacob Westermann, a WWII veteran. Growing up he was a strong precocious child, who like many boys got into his fair share of trouble putting rocks and sticks in the neighbors tailpipe or playing hide and seek in the department store clothing racks. As a young adult he was an avid sportsman, playing baseball, soccer, and hockey; he also excelled academically without ever having to put much effort into his studies. The most important part about who my brother was from a child all the way through his adult life is that he was a friend, the kind that genuinely cared for you and had your back no matter what, even if it meant trouble for him. He was a fighter and protector and deeply loved the Lord and his country from a very early age. To Jake fighting for freedom was the ultimate gift.

To him, it was the best way to serve our country and help other people all around the world have the same freedoms we do here in America, which is why he became a Navy Seal. To fight and protect others at all costs. He had a life motto, a creed that he lived by, “Family, Teams, …Everything Else.” In the end, my brother battled the demons that so many courageous men and women face when they come home from serving on multiple deployments, and he took his life in October of this year. He was the most genuine kind hearted loving man I have ever known. He treated everyone like gold and took pride in his country and family. Jake leaves behind our parents, two sisters, a nephew whom he was very close with, and a daughter, Milani Marie.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to pass it along, our family will truly appreciate and care for the piece you create.

Sincerely, Catherine Hubman


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