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James Jackowski

South Salem, NY, US

U.S. Marine Corps

CPL, 1st Battalion, 8th Marines

10/23/1983, Beirut, Lebanon

It was so good to hear from you — and know that you know the War on Terrorism started in Beirut in 1983. So few know that — even Marines! Following is a brief synopsis of Corporal James Journeay Jackowski, USMC:

Our son Jamie joined the Corps because his Recruiting Officer “guaranteed” him his chosen profession — that of a Cook. We all know about guarantees and the USMC:~) However, Jamie became a Cook. He had worked in a local deli and local Restaurant before joining the Marines, and wanted to go to the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in Hyde Park NY to become a Chef. He knew his experience in the USMC would ensure this. Years earlier, when we went to Florida, he had a caricature done and it was Jamie (with his cat) and wearing a Chef’s Hat. Even when he graduated from Jr. HS, he wanted to become a Chef. We took him to the CIA as a graduation gift.

When Jamie was in HS, he took cooking as one of his electives, and was awarded the coveted “Chef’s Hat” for his work. Thank you for doing this.


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