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Jeffrey L White Jr


U.S. Army



About Jeffrey,

I don’t really know where to start. He was a very outgoing person and was always on the go. He loved his sports and also loved to play sports including hockey, baseball, and football. He was an avid skateboarder in his younger years. His favorite teams were the St. Louis Cardinals (Baseball) and the St. Louis Blues (Hockey). Every time he was on leave and one of those teams were playing we went. He had many friends who loved him dearly and just couldn’t wait to see him when he came home. He has two younger brothers, Kyle and Michael. I am his dad and his mom’s name is Paula. His mother and he had a very tight bond with each other and loved each other very much. They talked and sent text messages to each other all the time. He is missed by us all so much even though we know we will see him again someday through God’s good graces.

Jeffrey was the most giving person I have ever known. He was always buying something for somebody be it friend or family. Last time he came home on leave was last October. Just so happens the Cardinals were playing in the World Series and he bought tickets to game seven for him and I. It was something I will never forget and I told him so. The Cardinals won the game and the Series and he was on top of the world. Jeffrey met a lady at that game and he sat and talked to her for most of the game. She had lost a son in a car accident some time ago and he was a big Cardinal fan as well, so she was pretty emotional, at times crying because he wasn’t at the game with her. When the game was over she started to leave and my son tapped her on the shoulder and asked her if he could give her a hug. They hugged each other and she told him to be careful. In a way I think he gave her some comfort with that hug. She remembered him and when he was killed she sent us a very emotional letter about him. Jeffrey touched so many people although I don’t think he knew he did. The Cardinals honored him this year by letting us as a family raise the World Series Banner at the home opener. He would have loved that.

My son lived life to the fullest and did more in his twenty one years than some people do in a lifetime. He will always be missed but he will never be forgotten. He was given great honor at his memorial and funeral services. There were almost seven hundred motor cycles escorting him to his final resting spot. He would have been astounded at the turnout he received. He was never the kind of person who wanted attention for what he was doing even though he deserved it. We were all so proud of him and wanted him to wear his uniform more often but he would rather just wear his Cardinals or Blues clothes.

He also loved his pets. He had a Black Lab named Ruby and a bird named Sweetie Pie. We still have them both and I can’t help but think of him every time I look at them. I could go on and on but I know your time is tight as it is. Again I would like to say thank you both for what you do and I am sure we will cherish the portrait for as long as we live.

Sincerely and Respectfully, Jeff White and Family


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