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John Du Pont

Quincy, Illinois, USA

U.S. Marine Corps/U.S. Army

First Sergeant, Company C, 634th Brigade Support Battalion

8/8/2011, Springfield, USA

Hi, I’m writing in response to a link I found at TAPS. My husband John was a 28 year Military man.

He was in the USMC as well as the Army National Guard. He served 2 tours with the National Guard 205th Med Co and the 708th Ambulance Co. He lost a Soldier in the 2nd deployment and never fully recovered. He suffered depression, headaches, typical PTSD. He lost his civilian job in Feb 2010 that he had for 27 years or so. He seemed to be getting better then he took his own life in August 2011. He was a great Dad, a great husband, a great man.

John had a strong faith and love for Jesus, and was a member of Madison Park Christian Church, where he was active with the Cornerstone Sunday school class and helped with grades 1-6 junior worship.

He enjoyed tinkering with everything and helped others by volunteering and working as an EMT with the Adams County Ambulance Service. John also shot fireworks with S&N Display Fireworks for many shows in the area.

John served his country in the U.S. Marine Corps from November 1975 to November 1979 and then in the Marine Corps Reserves until September 1981. In March 1987, he joined the Illinois National Guard and served with the 126th Supply and Service Company in Quincy until January 1996. Then he served with the Michigan National Guard 745th Ordnance Detachment until July 1996. He returned to Quincy to serve with the 126th Maintenance Company in Quincy until March 1997, when he transferred to Charlie Company, 634th Forward Support Battalion, in Springfield, Ill., until August 2005. He deployed with the 205th Charlie Company Medical Battalion to Iraq in August 2005 until November 2006 and then deployed to Kuwait with the 708th Medical Company from June 2007 to July 2008 and remained with the 108th Medical Battalion in North Riverside, Ill., until April 2010. Until his death, he was serving with Charlie Company, 634th Brigade Support Battalion, in Springfield, Ill.


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