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Mark Turner

Rogersville, Missouri, US

U.S. Army

SFC, Headquarters Support Company, 935th Aviation Support Battalion

11/20/2009, Springfield, Missouri, US

My husband, Mark Turner, was a kind and compassionate man. He was quiet and even tempered. He loved bicycling and running, and was an exercise fanatic. He ran a mile in under six minutes. He was devoted to God, his family and friends, his work, and to exercising. Months before he died, he completed a college homework assignment in reference to dying. I feel his words best describe the man he was, below are some quotes from this paper:

“…my highest priority is being right with the Lord, secondly would be spending time with the people that I love”

“…ensuring that my wife is taken care of after I’m gone would be another very high priority”

“…another priority would be to die with the highest level of fitness that I could muster, because good health is a priority for me”

My husband was a marathon runner; he died at the end of a training run, collapsing on the ground to his death. Unbeknownst to us, Mark had an enlarged heart. His heart stopped before reaching the ground and attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful. He died doing what he loved, and he was at the top of his game. My husband was only 32 years old when he died, but his accomplishments were that of a person much older. He had an old soul and looking back, he really did live each day to the fullest.


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