Anthony D Matteoni

Anthony D Matteoni

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U.S. Marine Corps

Sergeant Anthony D. Matteoni, age 22, of Union City, Michigan and Orlando, Florida. died during combat operations in Afghanistan on Oct. 1, 2010.  Sergeant Matteoni was part of USA 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force. 

Family and friends who knew Tony knew that he was eager for about any adventure.  Evidence of this dates to when Tony  was only ten years old and rode his bike to miles to visit a friend of his mother’s.  He was proud of his accomplishment and it was difficult not to scold him for completing such and adventurous mission for a youngster.   He wanted to be a leader and worked with continued zeal, even putting himself into his USMC footlocker to phone his Lindsy when phone calls were not authorized.

Tony spent his early childhood near Disney in Florida, but moved to Michigan with his family during his formative years.  In Union City, Tony formed lifelong friendships, ran track to earn his varsity jacket while in high school, and enlisted in the Marines after graduating in 2006.   During Tony’s last year in high school, he lived with his former high school teacher and family friend, Russ Raymond, to finish out his education while his parents moved to Florida.  Tony’s letterman jacket with a shining U.S.M.C. pin stuck to the jacket’s front now hangs in Russ’ closet.  He also has a clay TV set that Tony made in art class in elementary school.

Tony was a patriot who was eager to serve his country, full of love for his family, entertainer, leader, hard worker, and a person who loved adventure Tony was eager to serve his country especially after watching the terrorist attacks on New York City September 11, 2001, the home of his grandparents.  Tony immediately enlisted.  He served tours in Europe but this was his first tour to the Middle East.  Tony is remembered in many conversations in barbershops, antique stores, bike shops, VFW halls police and firefighter stations and was escorted to rest by the Patriot Guard Riders.

 Tony is survived by his wife of two years, Lindsy McBarnes Matteoni.  They were expecting their first child, a daughter, his parents, a sister, and three brothers.    He was   a man full of life. And that is the way he is remembered.

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