Jalfred D Vaquerano

Jalfred D Vaquerano

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U.S. Army

Private First Class Jalfred David Vaquerano is presented in awesome ways by his wife to be Katie Madden who takes us on a journey of love.

“How true the saying is. Jalfred was a very shy man. He was soft spoken and only unveiled himself to few, but his eyes and smile could not be forgotten by anyone who saw them. His smile was contagious. Even now on my hardest of days, when I see his smile in photos or videos, I smile too. His life brightened so many others. Jalfred was my sunlight. Just a smile from you made a brighter day.”

During her visit to Arlington National Cemetery Katie Madden explained: “I wore a shirt that I made with Jalfred’s picture on it so that people would know Jalfred’s sacrifice. People may not remember forever, but in that second where they’re reading Jalfred’s name on my shirt and looking at his picture, Jalfred’s name is in their minds. He is not forgotten.”

Jalfred’s  memorial site on Facebook — “Pray for Jalfred Vaquerano, US Army” —  quickly filled with page after page of postings. Included are caring thoughts from students at SAU( Southern Adventist University): “We just had about 50  here gather around the flagpole and offer up our prayers for Jalfred’s family, fiancee, and friends,” wrote Kristopher A. Candamil. “We also reminisced on some of the great times we had and talked about how great of a person he is. There is power in prayer! God intended for the church to be a family to uplift each other at our lowest points.”

“He wanted to serve our country. He wanted to make his family proud. (He) ultimately wanted to be a police officer,” Katie Madden, his fiancée said.

Yolanda Mercado, Gold Star Mother of PFC Jalfred D. Vaquerano wrote:
Your mami will always remember you my son. Te amo con todo mi corazon. (I love you with all my heart.) My hearts breaks for you and all the others who have fallen and the ones who are still fighting.”

Carlos Vaquerano, PFC Vaquerano’s father thanked his son’s many friends for their condolences: “From His dad Carlos to all of you: thank you very much. Jalfred was the sweetest of all!”

Jalfred’s portrait is also on Poster 15


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  1. Juan Diaz says:

    Jalfred was tough young man.He wanted to join the Army then become a Police Officer later.
    He asked me what advice can I give him before he enters the Army, I told him first Pray which he already knew being raised in the Church,second Pay close attention to your training,and third develop a good relationship with your fellow Soldiers cause that’s all you have out there.

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